Camorra – italian mafia in Romania

source –  L’ Espresso, World News

“E la monnezza va a Bucarest”

or Where are Italians taking the trash out

It looks like Berlusconi kept his word when he said he would manage to get rid of the trash that suffocated the Italian population in the Naples region of the country, causing weeks of unrest and violent clashes with the police. Everybody would have expected the Italian authorities to take his trash out to some new dumping ground built with European money.

But it would seem that the trash is going elsewhere, somewhere else not in the other regions of Italy, as Berlusconi had promised, but somewhere else in Europe.

One of the most prominent weeklies in Italy, L’Espresso, has documented and published on Thursday an investigation called “E la monnezza va a Bucarest” (“And the garbage goes to Bucharest”), signed by Tommaso Cerno.
The article shows that the most proficient way to get rid of the infernal rubbish mountains the Italian garbage mobster (the investigation shows that the entire operation is conducted by the garbage mafia in the south of Italy, making no reference to any involvement of the Italian authorities in it) has been able to come up with was to bring it to Romania through the Straits of Dardanelles (in Istanbul, Turkey) to Bucharest dumping grounds and other similar places in the Eastern European country.

The Italian newspaper says that the Romanian authorities (at local level) have agreed to receive tons of the trash that were suffocating Naples and the surrounding localities in the province of Campania.
The garbage is being transported via naval means through Dardanelles and arrives in Constanta harbor, where it is silently taken by strange operators and disappears in manners that makes it almost impossible to track by the Environment Guard that deals with this kind of situations.

The main dumping grounds identified by the Italian journalists in Romania are Glina and Ochiul Boului, but hundreds other such places are used to deal with the trash coming from Campania.

TV news report on Camorra homicide 

The Italian newspaper affirms that a lot of money is at stake when it comes to this kind of business, and that the contracts with the operators in the North of Italy are not even remotely as profitable as those that come from what the investigators call “cruises of poison.”

In Romania, the investigation says, the garbage is very badly handled, tons of it being buried under the ground, thus causing a environmental disaster: “They end up buried under these monsters they call ‘groapa,’ whose bodies stretch for tens of hectars, decayed in tens of years of accumulation. The Lake at Glina is gone. The field is contaminated. The water turned brown.”

 Joshua & Vincenzo Castellano from Napoli

It is said that the Interpol has been on highest alert for years because of the chain of Camorra (Italian Mafia) firms that are operating these garbage mountains on the territory of Romania.

Names are made public in the newspaper; thus, the project was put in place 3 years ago by the associates of don Vito Ciancimino, who took charge of the ground at Glina, near the Romanian capital, the incinerators in Ploiesti and some dumping grounds in Mures (in the center of the country) and Baicoi (in the south).

An investigation conducted by the Palermo Attorney’s Office that was aiming at finding the huge amounts of money stashed by the associates of Ciancimino forced the business associates to clear the society of all its assets and move to Romania.

Ciro Castellano partying in Romania

Two years ago, the business partners, Sergio Pileri and brothers, modernized the dumping ground called Ochiul Boului, and began signing very good countries all over Europe.

Meanwhile, Romanian inhabitants of Bucharest and the other cities mentioned above will bear the brunt of this environmental crime. It’s a small price to pay to have a country run by “Berlusconi of the Balkans.” Right?

Ciro & Joshua ‘Giosue’  Castellano living the good life in Romania


info extracted from Evenimentul Zilei  2005

The Castellano family, who controls Bamboo clubbing business(, was for many years under the supervision of Romanian and Italian authorities on suspicion of illegal businesses. One of the brothers is on trial for links with the Camorra. Castellano brothers are nephews of the first female mafia lady Puppeta Maresca and the one who has the Bamboo club registered on his name is their grandson(Vincenzo Castellano). All are from the same city – Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples.

Vincenzo Castellano & wife Antonia Iacobescu romanian singer



vincenzo castellano wedding romanian singer antonia

They contradict themselves

Involved in several businesss with fashion designer Botezatu, Castellano brothers own or have owned, directly or through intermediaries,  Zerillo’s network of restaurants:  Bonsai, Romanian House, Il Divino, Flu Flu, and Bamboo. Bonsai was sold to footballer Bogdan Mara.
Regarding Bamboo clubs, Botezatu said yesterday: “I am not a shareholder of the club, although everyone believes that. I’m associated with them in other businesses. Last year when the club reopened, I decided not to get involved anymore. Joshua is my best friend, I was a partner with him in Il Divino and after that we remained close, I helped  in terms of image and the event organization.”

Nephews of the Mafia

The Bamboo clubs chain is managed by Morgan Invest LLC, which belongs to Antonino Cuomo, grandson Castellano brothers. Castellano brothers, like Cuomo, are grandchildren of the famous “godmother” of the Italian Mafia, Puppeta Maresca – the first woman who became one of Camorra bosses. Ciro Castellano, one of the brothers, was arrested four years ago in Romania. Interpol issued an arrest warrant on his name for links with the Italian Mafia and he is waiting be prosecuted in the Italian Peninsula.

Giosue ‘Joshua’ Castellano and romanian singer Antonia Iacobescu

Regarding this issue, Giosue Castellano declared for us: “The company (Morgana Invest) belongs to my nephew, what’s the problem? Where is the connection? You must write only whats written black on white, the rest is none of your business. I have problems and you want to give me headaches? Good-bye ciao! ”


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