Your name (in the sky)


English translation

I dont know why, white birds show up in the sky again
They write down your name and then they die
I hope you’re gonna miss me when you hear me
When you think about us
You can belong to anyone, none of my business
I know you’re gonna find someone else
But even then I hope you’ll feel its not the same
That its not me, that you wish it were like that
I hope to be in your mind every day always
For everything around you to tell you my name
Any movie any friend any book
To only tell you more about myself
Tell you about the good things in me when I’ll be gone
I hope for you to realize when its too late
Your taxi is here, go on your way
Because you’re only happy when you see I am not
I hope you’ll think about me all the time
And everything around you to tell you my name, always

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